CA Datacom READRXX (or RXXREAD) sample program to read RXX (Recovery) files.
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CA Datacom READRXX (or RXXREAD) sample program to read RXX (Recovery) files.


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This article is in English. For the Spanish-language version, please see Knowledge Base article 185625.
Este artículo está en inglés. Para la versión en español, consulte el artículo 185625 de Knowledge Base.

CA Datacom support previously provided a sample program source called DBSXCPR3 on the Recommended Reading/Samples part of the product website. This document provides an updated version for IBM Enterprise COBOL compiler version 3.4 and higher, and with more selection options. As of February, 2020, this has been tested with the compiler version 3.4 up through 6.3 using the JCL as it is delivered.

This program reads the CA Datacom Recovery File (RXX) and produces a report of the records on it. The report can be filtered by multiple selection criteria. This sample program will not manipulate the RXX records, but will only summarize or show details of the records there according to the filter criteria. This is meant to be a model upon which you can build your own RXX query program if you wish.

There is a file attached to this article that contains the components necessary to compile the program to read the CA Datacom RXX file. These components can be found in the PDS created from the attached file, which has been tersed. You should upload the tersed file from your PC to the mainframe as a BINary file, FB, LRECL=1024, BLKSIZE=27648, and then use JCL like the one below to recreate the PDS from the uploaded tersed file. Note that all members have been set to ISPF version 2.0 (as of 25 February, 2020).

// SET TERSFL=<<Your downloaded tersed file (attached below)
// SET OUTPDS=<<A New PDS filename for the utilities
//X01      DD  DSN=&OUTPDS,
//             DISP=(MOD,DELETE,DELETE),UNIT=3390,SPACE=(TRK,1)
//* - - - - - -C- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -7-
//             UNIT=3390,STORCLAS=TSO,DSORG=PO,SPACE=(CYL,(1,1,5),RLSE)

Here are the members in the PDS that will be built from the tersed file:

$$$NOTES Details about the PDS, version information and usage instructions for this process
CPBEGIN Copy member used at the beginning of the COBOL Procedure Division 
CPEND Copy member used at the end of a COBOL Procedure Division
CPWRITE Copy member used to write Sample program report lines
CWCOMMON Copy member with common Samples Working Storage data
CWRXXWK Copy member for the Working-Storage fields needed for the READRXX processing
DBBARXXU Program source for the URT needed for READRXX
DBBCRXX1 COBOL Program source for the RXX reporting program
DBBJRXX1 JCL source to run the compile and go of the DBBCRXX1 program
DBBJRXX2 JCL to compile and bind into a user loadlib
DBBJRXX3 JCL to run the DBBCRXX1 program from a user loadlib
DISCASM CA Technologies sample program disclaimer for assembler programs
DISCCOB CA Technologies sample program disclaimer for COBOL programs
DISCJCL CA Technologies sample program disclaimer for JCL members





Component: CA Datacom/DB
Component: CA Datacom/AD


Note that compiler options are in the COBOL source, and special binder options and commands are in the JCL source.

This program reads the CA Datacom Recovery File (RXX) and produces a report of the records on it. The report can be filtered by entering various selection criteria in the SYSIN.                                                                                                     
There are multiple filters that can be selected in the SYSIN and one report type selection. Only those filters that are desired need to be entered; the rest will use the default. If duplicate functions are entered, the last one entered will take precedence over the others. Also, in the filters, the "X..." filter will take precedence over the root selection filter. For example if specifying these:

USER1   MYUSERID                                          
USER2   ANOTHER1                                        
USER3   ONEMORE                                          
XUSER1  ANOTHER1                                          

only MYUSERID and ONEMORE are selected; ANOTHER1 was excluded by the XUSER# function.

These are the functions that are allowed (commands are in col 1-7, data starts in col 9). Note that on any command, columns 30-80 are not processed, and can be used for comments on a specific entry.

COMMENT            - Any text can be entered on this line   
                     Can also use * in Col 1                
RPTTYPE xxx        - Generate a report with one of these:   
  DET              - Detail line report                     
  SC               - Sum by CA Datacom Command              
  SD, DT, DTC      - Sum by DBID (+Table) (+Command)        
  SJ               - Sum by Jobname                         
  SJD, SJDT, SJDTC - Sum by Job  +DBID (+Table) (+Command)  
  SU               - Sum by User ID                         
  SUD, SUDT, SUDTC - Sum by User +DBID (+Table) (+Command)  
DISPLAY            - Display before-rec and workarea        
LIMIT   #######    - 7 Digits, Max # records to read        
ORDER   OOOOO      - 5 Chars to order by COUNT or sum KEY   
TIMEBEG CCYYMMDDHHMMSS - Length 14 Digits, Date/Time values 
TIMEEND CCYYMMDDHHMMSS - Length 14 Digits  are inclusive    
Commands below can create four filters each, using suffixes 
of 1, 2, 3, or 4, except USER# which can be 1 through 8.    
COMND1  CCCCC      - 5 Chars  - CA Datacom Command          
DBID1   ####       - 4 Digits - Database ID                 
JOBNM1  JJJJJJJJ   - 8 Chars  - Job name                    
RUNIT1  #####      - 5 Digits - Run Unit                    
TABLE1  TTT        - 3 Chars  - Table ID                    
TSN1    #####      - 5 Digits - Trans Seq Number            
URI1    XXXXXXXX   - 8 Hex Dig- URI number                  
USER1   UUUUUUUU   - 8 Chars  - User ID                     
XCOMND1 CCCCC      - 5 Chars  - Bypass this command         
XDBID1  ####       - 4 Digits - Bypass this DBID            
XJOBNM1 JJJJJJJJ   - 8 Chars  - Bypass this Jobname         
XRUNIT1 #####      - 5 Digits - Bypass this Run Unit        
XTABLE1 TTT        - 3 Chars  - Bypass this Table           
XTSN1   #####      - 5 Digits - Bypass this TSN             
XURI1   XXXXXXXX   - 8 Hex Dig- Bypass this URI             
XUSER1  UUUUUUUU   - 8 Chars  - Bypass this User            


Additional Information

Please note that these are Sample members intended for customer modification and use to read and report on the RXX contents.

These CA Datacom Sample Programs are provided free of charge and without support. These Sample Programs are solely for use by an authorized licensee of the applicable CA Datacom product(s) ("Licensed Program(s)", to copy and modify such sample programs solely in conjunction with the internal implementation and use of the licensed program(s) license. These Sample Programs are provided "As Is" without warranty of any kind. To the full extent permitted under applicable law, CA Technologies disclaims all liability arising from or related to any use of these Sample Programs.

As always, please contact Broadcom support for CA Datacom if you have further questions.



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