How to manage the ReportPacks in Watch4net
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How to manage the ReportPacks in Watch4net


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VMware Smart Assurance - Watch4Net/M&R


How to manage the ReportPacks in Watch4Net

Typically, a ReportPack is a set of APG reports. These reports are named Templates. ReportPacks allow you to group a bunch of reports.   

  1.  Report Pack Management - In the Report Pack Management dialog, you can do the following:
    • Upload  ReportPack: Import complete ReportPacks (in arp format). Browse to select the corresponding file and click Upload. The report pack name, version, description, template and formulas will be processed and imported into APG.

    • New ReportPack: Create your own Report Pack. 

    • View list of the ReportPacks that have been installed or created. 
    • Click on the default ReportPacks to see the templates.
    • Click on any line to view/edit details for a specific ReportPack in the Editing Report Pack dialog.
  2. Editing Report Pack - Editing/managing a single Report Pack:
    • View templates in the Report Pack. The templates are APG reports generally designed for a ReportPack. The templates list contains all the templates that have been created for the selected Report Pack.
    • Save, export or delete the report pack, and templates can be added here.
    • Click on any template access to access the management functions in the Editing Template dialog.
  3. Editing Template - Editing/managing a template:
    • You can import a new tree for a template by clicking on the Browse button.
    • In order to move or copy a specific template to another report pack, you may click on the move/copy button.
    • The hook nodes option gives you the possibility to attach a template to several other reports (or nodes).

Additional Information

Note: In Watch4net 6.2 and beyond - ReportPacks are now called SolutionPacks