How to store a report in Watch4net
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How to store a report in Watch4net


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VMware Smart Assurance - Watch4Net/M&R


How do you store a report in Watch4net

Click on Store this report in the Tools menu if you want to store a report to be able to consult it afterwards. The report will be kept and will be available later when you click on Stored Reports on the menu on the left. 

IMPORTANT! Make sure you have an email address set in your account (and that the mail server is correctly configured on your APG server), or you will get an error message when trying to store a report. You will receive a "report generation has launched" message get when you successfully store a report. 

Restrictions of stored reports
In the "Roles Management" of "Administration", in the "Restrictions" tab, you can impose restrictions on the number of reports that a user can save or the number of versions of a stored report the user can keep. 

When generating a long report
When generating a long report, you will be presented an option to generate the report in the background so you can click and browse other reports in the meantime. When the report is done, it will be available in the stored reports. In APG 5 (since APG 4.3), in the Preferences tab of the Settings menu there is a feature that allows you to select if you want the background question and customize the number of seconds before it is displayed.