Adding additional Parameters to NCM scripts
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Adding additional Parameters to NCM scripts


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


You can add extra parameters to NCM scripts but they're static parameters (i.e. you set the name and value manually when you enter them).


    Release: All Supported Versions


    You can add extra parameters as follows;
    1. In Spectrum OneClick, go to Configuration Manager and select the device family you want. 
    2. Click on the Information tab for the desired device family and then scroll down and expand the following sections;
    Device Configuration Transfer Settings → Capture Startup Configuration Script
    3. In the Additional Script Parameters entry view, you will see a link called Add. Click on this link.
    4. Enter the name of the script parameter and its value (e.g. Hostname, MySpectroSERVER)
    The additional parameter will then be passed on the command line to the script after the following set of default parameters;
    • Device IP.
    • Absolute filename of file containing content to upload. (Upload operation only).
    • Device Username.
    • Device Password.
    • Device Enable Password.

    Additional Information

    Please reference the "Network Configuration Manager Extension Utility" section of the documentation for more information.