Watch4net APG 5: Using the filter wizard
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Watch4net APG 5: Using the filter wizard


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Watch4net APG 5: Using the filter wizard
How to use the filter wizard in Watch4Net APG 5


VMware Smart Assurance - Watch4Net/M&R


The Filter of a node is the expression that is used to select variables with as much accuracy as necessary. A Filter expression is a combination of predicates and operators which can be grouped using parenthesis.

Example:    & parttype==FileSystem   

Logical operators supported: AND (&), OR (|) and NOT (!)

A Filter is one of the most important properties of a node. Filter construction in Watch4net APG 5 can be complex. In order to set it properly, you have to know which properties are sent to APG, and what they mean. If you know what properties and values you want to set, you can select to edit a filter manually. Editing expressions directly is for more advanced users, and can be faster when you know the exact syntax. The Watch4net APG 5 filter wizard provides some guidance for you through filter creation to define the filter   s properties to use and its values.

Creating a Filter using a wizard
Select Filter > Refine > and you have the possibility to use a wizard or use the filtering syntax to create a filter:

  • Using a wizard: simplifies the creation of filters
  • With an expression: you must manually define the equation using the syntax reference
  • The rest of the Refine> options simplifies the selection (device type, device, component type, component, metric type). These menu items act like shortcuts to most often used properties.

Select Using a wizard to launch a wizard in a new window showing the complete list of available properties. Enter the first few characters relating to your filter. For example, enter dev and wait a couple of seconds. The list will be narrowed to properties starting with the string dev like devdesc, device, devtype. And a short description will be shown for some properties.