Watch4net APG 5/6: Configuring SNMP Polling
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Watch4net APG 5/6: Configuring SNMP Polling


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Watch4net APG 5/6: Configuring SNMP Polling
How to set up configure SNMP polling in Watch4Net APG 5 or APG 6


VMware Smart Assurance - Watch4Net/M&R


There are two ways to configure the SNMP Polling:
  • By editing the files manually.
  • By using the SNMP Configuration GUI.

As opposed to other simple DCAs, several XML files are required to configure the backend-collector-dca-snmp (SNMP Collector) in order to make it run properly. These files may be classified in 3 categories:

1. Collector's configuration files:

  • collecting.xml: specifies the file path for snmpcollector.xml
  • snmpcollector.xml: specifies the file paths for the underlying SNMP collecting configuration files and MIB files

2. SNMP collecting configuration files:

  • slave-snmp-poller.xml: associates SNMP Agents to SNMP masks in Polling groups.
  • snmp-polling-distribution.xml: contains the SNMP Agents to be polled by theSNMP Collector.
  • snmp-masks.xml: defines the SNMP collecting.
  • translations.xml: defines numerical translations for polled text values.

3. MIB files:

  • Minimally, the RFC-1213 MIB file will be used by the SNMP Collector.
  • Other MIB files used for SNMP polling.

The Collector's configuration files are used to configure the collector   s integration in the collecting component architecture while the SNMP collecting configuration files describe the collector   s behaviour. For more details on the relationship between these configuration files, contact EMC Customer Support Services (CSS) for Watch4net and reference this solution ID.

Here is the content of snmpcollector.xml:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <config > <slave-snmp-poller-file >conf/slave-snmp-poller.xml</slave-snmp-poller-file> <snmp-masks-file >conf/snmp-masks.xml</snmp-masks-file> <snmp-polling-distribution-file >conf/snmp-polling-distribution.xml</snmp-polling-distribution-file> <translations-file>conf/translations.xml</translations-file> <mib-files-directory >mibs</mib-files-directory> </config>

We strongly recommend that those file names and path be kept unchanged unless several instances of the SNMP Collector are defined in collecting.xml.

Moreover, please note that the basic configuration provided with the SNMP Collector is inactive, in the sense that the SNMP Collector will launch along with the other configured collectors but it will not collect anything until the polling distribution (snmp-polling-distribution.xml) and SNMP collecting (snmp-masks.xml) have been configured.