How to configure alerting manually in Watch4net
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How to configure alerting manually in Watch4net


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VMware Smart Assurance - Watch4Net/M&R


How to configure alerting manually in Watch4Net APG 5

The configuration file for alerting is located at:

[APG install]/APG-Alerting/conf/

It is possible and recommended to use the GUI to manage alerts in addition to the method described in this article.

 What's new in APG 5.0
Configuration file is located at:

<apg install>/Alerting-Backend/<instance>/conf/alerting.xml.

Alerting module can be configured live while running. An alert modified this way will see it   s status reset and detection will start anew.

Every  modification to configuration is reflected automatically in the alerting.xml configuration file, and old copies of configuration are kept in the conf folder. Each modification is also logged to a journal file that keeps tracks of alerts firing, rearming or resetting.  Alerting module also has a log file for application startup errors.