How do I unstall Watch4net?
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How do I unstall Watch4net?


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VMware Smart Assurance - Watch4Net/M&R


How to uninstall Watch4net
What are the steps to uninstall Watch4net?

There are situations where you might need to uninstall Watch4net. he following explains how to do this.

The Linux/Unix installer does not provide an uninstall tool, but the global blind removal is quite easy and can be achieved through a single command line. Remove all installed services first, and then wipe out the Watchnet   s installation directory. For instance, if Watch4net had been installed in /opt/APG, it would be uninstalled with the following commands:

/opt/APG/bin/ service remove all && rm -Rf /opt/APG

The Windows installer comes with a built-in uninstall process. This operation will remove all installed services and completely wipe out the APG installation directory. It can be launched from the following locations.

  • Start Menu > Programs > Watch4net Solutions APG > Uninstall Watch4net Solutions APG
  • Add or Remove Programs tools available in the Windows Control Panel