How do you manage user profiles in Watch4net?
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How do you manage user profiles in Watch4net?


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VMware Smart Assurance - Watch4Net/M&R


How to manage user profiles in Watch4Net

Watch4net profiles are a set of settings that can be applied to users. The Profiles Management dialog is used to manage user profiles. The Users Repartition section of this dialog is used to select or unselect the users for this profile. The main properties of a profile are:
  • Name: The name of the profile
  • Description: A description of this profile

Customizable settings that are applied for all users who have this profile set include:

  • Locale: Allows you to set the portal interface language
  • Time Zone: Allows you to set the time zone for that profile.
  • Logo to display: It is possible to set a different logo per profile.
  • Search properties: Space-separated list of APG properties that are used in the quick search. For example by specifying device part,  the quick search request will look for keywords in properties device and part only.
  • Search grouping: Space-separated list of expansions. It is used to classify the results of a quick search request. For example by specifying device part, the search results will be grouped by distinct device first, then part.