DC980036 - UNABLE TO Alloc Tape For EXTR – xxxxxx –Will Try Again
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DC980036 - UNABLE TO Alloc Tape For EXTR – xxxxxx –Will Try Again


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Dispatch Output Mgmt


When trying to reprint a report in Dispatch we receive the following message:

DC980036 - UNABLE TO Alloc Tape For EXTR – xxxxxx –Will Try Again




This message is generated when a user is trying to reprint a report that resides on the CURRENTLY ACTIVE ARCHIVE VOLSER.


If you receive this message, your options are to press enter to allow an extract request from the current archive tape to be built or enter CANCEL to cancel the request. Note that Dispatch will not be able to actually process your reprint/extract request until the volser that the report resides on is no longer actively in use.

You can check and see what the active archive volser is by accessing the VSGMU210 screen (option 9.A from the main menu). The active volser shows up in the Volser/File column next to each of the ARCHn tasks. 

In order for your extract request to be processed, you have to de-allocate the currently active archive volser.

You can do this in one of two ways... 


  1. Temporarily END the ARCHIVE subtask that is writing to the tape. Let the EXTRACT subtask process the reprint request. Then restart the ARCHIVE task. Starting and ending the ARCH1 task can be performed manually from the VOPMI100 screen which can be accessed by selecting option 8.1 from the main menu.
  2. While on the VSGMU210 screen mentioned above, use your space bar and space over the active volser and hit the ENTER   key. This releases the tape thus freeing it up for the extract subtask, but it also causes us to request that a new SCRATCH tape be mounted in its place.


  • NOTE - That method 2 above actually causes a waste of tape storage capacity because after the volser is closed/released, Dispatch will no longer write to it anymore and it probably wasn't full yet. Consequently, option 1 would be the preferred method for expediting processing of your reprint request.