Resolving CAS9180E error for '4C' LMP key
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Resolving CAS9180E error for '4C' LMP key


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How to resolve the following error message:

   CAS9180E - CPU 023EA3 Requires a LMP key to run Prod (4C)


The LMP KEY 4C is for the IMS option.

This can be caused basically by one of two situations:

1.            The IMS target runtime environment option was not purchased or has expired.

2.            On the “Specify Target Environment Parameters” panel, the TP Monitor is set by mistake to IMS when installing an application module and the site is not licensed for the  IMS option.


Please note:  The generation defaults are set in the application construction target panels. 

Each business system will have the 'TP Monitor' setting, look for an IMS setting, and then change the value of the setting to either CICS or IEFAE.

After changing the TP Monitor to a non-IMS value such as CICS or IEFAE (see option 2 above), then the CAS9 messages (besides the CAS9180E message) will cease to appear within 24 hours.

An IPL should take care of the CAS9180E message after the problem is fixed.

All LMP keys and their associated products/options are under Licensing under Support Online, selecting the "LMP Product code Listing" link.


Release: KGNDDL99000-8.5-Gen-DBP Developer License