Smarts SAM: Can I add a "ComposedOf" relation to the Smarts SAM topology?
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Smarts SAM: Can I add a "ComposedOf" relation to the Smarts SAM topology?


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Can I add a ComposedOf relation to the Smarts Service Assurance Manager (Smarts SAM) topology?
How do I add a ComposedOf relation to the Smarts SAM topology?


VMware Smart Assurance - SMARTS


Adding the ComposedOf relation to a Smarts SAM topology for the UnitaryComputerSystems is not recommended by EMC Smarts Engineering. Doing so will reduce the performance of your system by increasing the amount of time it takes the system to do correlations, process notifications, and how much memory the system will use.  This may work on a relatively small topology, but on larger more complex topologies, it will create a large processing load and data retrieval load on the Smarts SAM domain server. This will cause the SAM server performance to drop and its memory usage to grow. The growth in memory and drop in performance will be exponentially increased related to the size of the underlying topology, as the SAM will have import not only the new topology elements, but build the relationships with each element. This will make the SAM not only add data to itself but create data for itself, resulting in a non-scalar behavior in performance and memory usage.

If after considering the above, you still want to add a ComposedOf relation to your Smarts SAM topology, assistance from EMC Smarts SAM Customer Support Services (CSS) will be required. Open a Service Request (SR) on the EMC Online Support site ( or by phone, and reference this solution ID in your SR.