Request for notification properties in Smarts SAM causes screen to grey out.
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Request for notification properties in Smarts SAM causes screen to grey out.


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Consoles experience delay when viewing notification properties
Double-click on notification and window grays out or hangs

Consoles experience slow response when viewing notification properties


VMware Smart Assurance - SMARTS


In SAM_BASEDIR/local/conf/ics is the file ics.conf.  Near the bottom of the file you will see the following line:

This is the defaultvalue.  By changing the line to read:

To implement the change execute the following command:
sm_adapter s <SAMDomain>  ics/ICS_RemoteConfig.asl
All users will need to exit their local Smarts SAM Notification Consoles and then restart.

SMARTS SAM will now only  request the additional data for codebook and details when the user specifically clicks the Fetch Details button which will now appear in the Properties Window.

Additional Information

The notification properties dialogue box has as many as five tabs depending on the type of notification selected.  They are: General, Audit Log, Impact, Code Book and Details.  The data for General, Audit Log, Impact tabs is accessed from SAM and is immediately returned.  However, the data for the Code Book and Details tab requires calls to the underlying server.  The response from AM can be latent when the underlying server is busy due to a discovery or repository save being executed.

If the operator does not always require the data in the codebook or details tab, then SAM has a configuration option which disables the "automatic" request for this data.  When enabled, the user still retains the option of requesting the Details and Code book data on a case by case basis.  I've tested this function and believe this should alleviate the delay and also reduce the amount of communications that is occurring unnecessarily between AM and the underlying Servers.