RC/Migrator : Set SQL Terminator Character
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RC/Migrator : Set SQL Terminator Character


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RC Compare for DB2 for z/OS RC/Migrator for DB2 for z/OS


How to select an SQL terminator character to be used in the DDL produced by the analysis.


Release: R20
Component: RCM


RC/Migrator provided an additional UPDATE OPTION to set the SQL Terminator Character for generated Analysis SQL.

SET TERMINATOR    ==>       (blank defaults to ';')

The character displayed above between the braces reflects the current global default character.

In the R19 release a new hlq.cdbaparm(MIGRATOR) or (RCMIGxx) global parm has been added to make it a global default. This is the SETTERM parm.

The parm is added in the top section of the hlq.cdbaparm(MIGRATOR) or (RCMIGxx) member so it covers all SSID's listed in the member.



A SET TERMINATOR field has also been added to the RCM Analysis Profile so that this value can be saved for later use.

- Control Options:
    SET TERMINATOR          ===>   @        (blank defaults to '$')

If the hlq.cdbaparm(MIGRATOR) or (RCMIGxx) SETTERM is used it is the global default.

This can be overridden by the use of the SET TERMINATOR in Update options or the SET TERMINATOR if using an Analysis profile. 

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