Error "dlopen failed to load" on UNIX platform.
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Error "dlopen failed to load" on UNIX platform.


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CA Client Automation - IT Client Manager CA Client Automation


Error seen in logs regarding binary is not being found and this document explains the steps for how to get rid of the message through configuration changes within CA Client Automation.

What causes the error message in the TRC_UAM_1.log  on UNIX platforms:

ERROR | CFPorting_LoadLibrary: dlopen failed to load - cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"


Client Automation 14.x


When an application starts, it gets list of security providers supported by Client Automation from comstore. By default, the list of security modules ITCM supports is WINNT, LDAP, UNIX, NDS, x509cert. These 5 types are enabled by default so if they are not in use you will get an error.


There are two ways to overcome this problem:

1) Update the target machine to support LDAP authentication. For this install the LDAP rpm or package on the machine getting the error.

2)  If you don't want to use LDAP on this machine, disable it from DSM explorer using configuration policy DSM -> Common Components -> Security -> Providers -> Components -> LDAP -> Enable LDAP provider.

Select "False" for this and seal the new policy and apply onto the machine where this error is seen. 

Once policy is applied, agents and its application will not use the LDAP authentication and ITCM will not load, so we will not see this error any more.