Smarts Monitoring NON-SNMP (ICMPONLY) Devices
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Smarts Monitoring NON-SNMP (ICMPONLY) Devices


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Smarts Monitoring NON-SNMP (ICMPONLY) Devices

The user wishes to monitor a device that does not have an SNMP Agent


VMware Smart Assurance - SMARTS


A device that does not respond to SNMP can be marked ICMPONLY when added as an agent in the console (choose ICMPONLY as the Access Mode in the Advanced Section), in a seedfile (change ICMPSNMP or SNMPONLY to ICMPONLY on the appropriate device entries), or after it has been added to the Pending List (right click on the device and choose ICMPONLY). 

The following is excerpted from the IP Discovery Guide

Access Mode determines what protocols are used to both discover and monitor the system and its components. Valid values for autodiscovery are ICMPSNMP and ICMPONLY. The default is ICMPSNMP, meaning that both ICMP and SNMP protocols are used to discover and manage the system. When ICMPONLY is selected, discovery does not send SNMP polls to the system and cannot, therefore, discover the system and its components. Instead, the system is added to the topology as a Host and is monitored only for connectivity.

Please refer to the IP Discovery Guide for more information.

Additional Information

not all availability and performance alarms will be active on devices that do not support SNMP.