Smarts IP: ATM link is not discovered between two network elements
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Smarts IP: ATM link is not discovered between two network elements


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Smarts IP does not discover an ATM link between two network elements.


VMware Smart Assurance - SMARTS


Smarts is designed to form a WAN network connection when the following conditions are met:
  • The IP network is only connected to two IP addresses and the two IP addresses are on different Routers. 
  • One of the following conditions matches the interface type:
    • Inthe  tpmgr-param.conf file, the WAN link description exists in the WANLINK_interfacetype pattern
    • IP netmask is that is /30 subnet
    • Interface type is of FRAMERELAY / HSSI / ATM /AAL5/ AFLAN / SONET / POINTTOPOINT

If one of these conditions is not met, the connection will not be made. If the above conditions are met, and if one IP address in the IP network is that of a router while the other IP address in the same IP network is that of either a router or a Layer 3 switch, then Smarts will create a network connection between them. 


In Smarts, a Layer 3 switch is identified by its sysObjId entry and stored in the tpmgr-param.conf file using the Layer3SwitchPattern variable. If the entry is not there for the Layer 3 switch in the tpmgr-param.conf file, do the following:

  1. Add the Layer3SwitchPattern entry (sysObjId) in the tpmgr-param.conf file found here:


  2. Execute the following command or restart the Smarts server:

    ./sm_tpmgr.exe -s <ServerName> --load-conf=tpmgr-param.conf -b <IP>:<PORT>

  3. Execute the following commands:

    ./dmctl -s -b : put ICF_TopologyManager::ICF-TopologyManager::LogDiscoveryProgress true
    ./dmctl -s -b : put ICF_TopologyManager::ICF-TopologyManager::DebugEnabled true 

  4. Rediscover the two devices.