Smarts IP: Receive PARTITION DOWN root cause alarm
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Smarts IP: Receive PARTITION DOWN root cause alarm


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How to disable Partition Down alarms

Receive PARTITION DOWN root cause alarm in Smarts IP
Entry point router into a remote site goes down and a PARTITION DOWN root cause alarm is generated

Router Down alarm is not generated

All members of a Partition are Down


VMware Smart Assurance - SMARTS


Receiving a Partition Down as a root cause notification indicates that all of the members of the Partition are unreachable from the Smarts AM domain.  This typically happens when there is a remote site where all devices are members of a Partition.  If the entry point Router into that remote site goes down and Smarts AM cannot reach the other devices, you will receive the Partition Down notification as the root cause, regardless of whether the devices within the partition are actually down or not.


Several options:  Configure the partition.conf file to label all partitions so they are easily identifiable based on the devices in them. For instructions on how to do this, see the EMC Smarts IP Discovery Guide (ip_discovery.pdf) available on ServiceCenter

Or refer to KB article 8190 for information on how to disable and remove partitions in Smarts IP

Additional Information

Partitions are part of the codebook correlation,
For more information on Partitions, please see solution 8190 emc137191\\

There is a way to disable the creation of Partitions in Smarts IP, and remove the partitions in IP.  See the following KB