Smarts: How do I restart a GA_DaemonDriver using dmctl?
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Smarts: How do I restart a GA_DaemonDriver using dmctl?


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Smarts: How do I restart a GA_DaemonDriver using dmctl?


VMware Smart Assurance - SMARTS


How do I restart a GA_DaemonDriver through dmctl?


To restart a GA_DaemonDriver using dmctl commands, do the following:

  1. Find the exact name of the GA_DaemonDriver that you would like to restart. You can do so by running the following dmctl getInstance (geti) command as follows:

    dmctl -s INCHARGE-SA geti GA_DaemonDriver

    ICS-Business-Impact-Driver       ICS-Group-Driver
    ICS-Impact-Driver                ICS-MaintenanceHandler-Driver
    OTM-SONET-Driver                 IC-ACM_Event-Driver
    IC-AM_Topo-Driver        INCHARGE-AM-PM_Event-Driver
    INCHARGE-AM-PM_Topo-Driver      INCHARGE-OI_DomainProxy-Driver
    INCHARGE-OI_NL-Driver           INCHARGE-OI_Topo-Driver

  2. To determine if the driver is running, run the following command:

    dmctl -s INCHARGE-SA get GA_DaemonDriver::INCHARGE-AM-PM_Event-Driver::isRunning

    A command output of TRUE means the driver is running, and FALSE means it is not running.

  3. Run a dmctl...getOper command against the GA_DaemonDriver class as follows: 

    dmctl -s INCHARGE-SA getoper GA_DaemonDriver

  4. The output of the getOper command will be a list of the operations that can be executed against the members of that class:

    Operations for class GA_DaemonDriver:
        <object> clone <string>clone_name
        <void> clearVariables
        <void> setVariable <string>varName <string>varValue
        <object> getMyParameters <string>mode
        <object> findMyParameters
        <unknown> createParser <object>params
    <void> start
        <void> startWithParameters <object>params
        <void> stop

  5. To stop and restart the AM-PM event driver, run the following commands in sequence:
    1. dmctl -s INCHARGE-SA invoke GA_DaemonDriver::INCHARGE-AM-PM_Event-Driver stop
    2. dmctl -s INCHARGE-SA invoke GA_DaemonDriver::INCHARGE-AM-PM_Event-Driver start

Additional Information

If you cannot restart a running GA_DaemonDriver using the stop/start commands in the Fix statement, it is likely hung for some reason. If the driver does not respond to the dmctl stop/start commands, you will need to restart your domain.