Smarts SAM: How can I capture the data in the Details tab of a notification?
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Smarts SAM: How can I capture the data in the Details tab of a notification?


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VMware Smart Assurance - SMARTS


How can I capture the data for the attributes in the Details tab of a notification?

Currently, there is no direct method to access the Attributes contained within the Details tab. However, you can get all of the attributes using the dmctl utility and then writing a script to parse through the XML output to extract the attributes that you would like to use. The following sections provide examples of the required dmctl commands and operations for class ICS_NotificationList to get the required attribute data.

Required dmctl commands
Run the following dmctl commands to use the get the attributes:

  1. Launch the dmctl utility as in the following example:

    <BASEDIR>/SAM/smarts/bin/dmctl -s INCHARGE-SA

  2. Run the invoke ICS_NotificationList command as in the following example to get the attributes (see Note statement):

    dmctl> invoke ICS_NotificationList::ICS_NL-Default getGlobalNotificationProperties "NOTIFICATION-Node_10.9.12.71_Down" "" "" "" ""  "NOTIFICATION" true "XML"

Operations for class ICS_NotificationList
After running the commands in the preceding section, write a script to parse the XML to extract the <source_list><source name="INCHARGE-AM-PM"><event_detail> to get the required data:


<string> getGlobalNotificationProperties
<string>notificationName <string>serverName <string>
className <string>instanceName <string>eventName
<string>property <boolean>synchronousResponse


Additional Information

If you invoke getGlobalNotificationProperties and specify "SOURCE" instead of "NOTIFICATION" for the 6th parameter, you only get the XML for sources.  It still returns more data than necessary, but it is less XML to parse.