Smarts IP: Can Smarts have multiple user-defined-connections.conf files?
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Smarts IP: Can Smarts have multiple user-defined-connections.conf files?


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Can Smarts have multiple user-defined-connections.conf files?
To invoke an asl script in post-discovery process and generate a file for user-defined connections (output the same format of user-defined-connections.conf). As it is a dynamic file, Is there a way we can have additional user-defined-connections.conf?


VMware Smart Assurance - SMARTS


The ic-user-defined-connection.asl is used to create user-defined-connection.   The user-defined-connection.conf is defined by the Import file <IP_BASEDIR>/smarts/conf/discovery/DISCOVERY_GENERIC.import The below lines in the file are for the UserDefinedConnections-Driver

 1310  GA_Driver:ost-Processor-UserDefinedConnections-Driver {

 1311  ReadsRulesFrom = GA_RuleSet:ost-Processor-UserDefinedConnections-RS  1312  { fileName = "discovery/ic-user-defined-connections.asl" }  1313  ReadsInputFrom = GA_FileFE:ost-Processor-UserDefinedConnections-FE  1314  { fileName = "$SM_SITEMOD/conf/discovery/user-defined-connections.conf"}  1315  waitForCompletion = TRUE
  To use BOTH .conf files default user-defined-connections.conf and dynamic user-defined-connections.conf, Create a new Driver. In this way, we can keep the default user-defined-connetions.conf untouched and have a dynamic user-defined-connections.conf (with different .conf file name in newly created driver script). (or) To use only the new dynamicxxx.conf file, edit the .import file to replace user-defined-connectins.conf with your desired file name. Ex: To change the .conf file with a different name, just edit this import file name user-defined-connectins.conf from above line 1314