Smarts: Error in Domain log file: HTTP-E-ENOTFOUND The URL "/InCharge/V1.0/dmsocket/domain?<domain>" was not found on this server
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Smarts: Error in Domain log file: HTTP-E-ENOTFOUND The URL "/InCharge/V1.0/dmsocket/domain?<domain>" was not found on this server


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The following message appears in the Smarts domain log file:

"/InCharge/V1.0/dmsocket/domain?<domain>" was not found on this server


VMware Smart Assurance - SMARTS


There is a client attempting to attach to the domain that is either authenticating incorrectly or is not communicating with the domain correctly.


To troubleshoot and resolve this issue, determine the client that is causing this message using the SM_TRACE_CONNECTION_FLOWS=1 environment variable as follows: 

  1. Use sm_edit to place the SM_TRACE_CONNECTION_FLOWS=1 environment variable in the <BASEDIR>/local/conf/ file. This should be added to the file that is located in the installation directory used by the domain producing the error message. 

    IMPORTANT! Using the SM_TRACE_CONNECTION_FLOWS=1 environment variable will produce a very large amount of data in the domain log file.  Once you enable the environment variable and reproduce the issue, you may want to stop the domain, remove the environement variable and then restart the domain.

  2. Once the environment variable is added, restart the domain. 
  3. The log file will now include trace information for every connection to the domain. Find the error message and then review the lines directly above the error message.  You should find a line similar to the following:

    POST /InCharge/V1.0/dmsocket/domain?<domain> HTTP/1.1

  4. On the same line, find the value for X-SMARTS-Client-Host and X-SMARTS-Client-Pid. This is the server and PID of the client causing the error message. 
  5. Go to the server and find the process using the PID noted.
  6. Once you have found the process causing the message, determine how the process is connecting to the domain. If you need assistance determining the cause, contact EMC Support and provide specific detail about the process and the log file.
  7. If the client causing the error is a broker process, run brcontrol and find out if there are two entries for the domain.  Smarts support has seen multiple cases where the broker is connecting to the domain by name (INCHARGE-AM) as well as by direct connect (WPSERVER1:30000/INCHARGE-AM).  If this is the case in your environment, you can run the following command to remove that entry from the broker and then see if the errors persist:

    brcontrol delete_dm WPSERVER1:30000/INCHARGE-AM

Additional Information

Please note in analyzing the log you should find a message in HEX that is paired with the message "HTTP-E-ENOTFOUND-The URL "/InCharge/V1.0/dmsocket/domain?SYSLOG-OI" was not found on this server.  
[September 8, 2014 4:22:46 PM PDT +374ms] t@5132 HTTP #2
CI_MSG-*-FLOW_LOGGER-Flow logger: Flow "HTTP client, request being analyzed: receiving URL(0x0000000005d23aa0) " read up to 2048 bytes; returns 626 bytes at September 8, 2014 4:22:46 PM PDT +374ms:
[September 8, 2014 4:22:46 PM PDT +374ms] t@5132 HTTP #2
HTTP-E-ENOTFOUND-The URL "/InCharge/V1.0/dmsocket/domain?SYSLOG-OI" was not found on this server.

Converting the HEX message will result with the information you will need with regard to the client.  I have removed the actual name
of the host in this output below and renamed it <FQDN OF THE HOST>

POST /InCharge/V1.0/dmsocket/domain?SYSLOG-OI HTTP/1.1??Content-type: application/x-smarts-socket??Content-length: 0??
Authorization: Basic MDpHMEhhd2tzIQ==??User-Agent: Foundation-C-Client/ (132569; winnt-x86-64; Build 8; WinNT 206110)
??X-SMARTS-Protocol-Version: V7.0??Protocol-Version: V7.0??X-SMARTS-Client-Auth: admin:G0Hawks!??X-SMARTS-Client-Host: 1460??X-SMARTS-Client-Description:
FAILOVER-SYNC_MANAGER ASL (restartable)??X-SMARTS-Client-User: SYSTEM??X-SMARTS-Client-Display:
<FQDN OF THE HOST>0.0??X-SMARTS-Client-Locale: en_US????

One suggestion for a HEX conversion tool is the following webpage:  Disclaimer EMC does not endorse this third party
website and does not guarantee the validity of this third party link: