CA Jobtrac Job Management r11.0 TRAC845E message
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CA Jobtrac Job Management r11.0 TRAC845E message


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Things you would want to verify if receiving the TRAC845E message at startup:

If CA Jobtrac JM is unable to obtain the GSS Node Name for this node during initialization, the CA GSS subtask will issue error message TRAC845E and terminate.   

Explanations of the return codes and reason codes associated with the TRAC845E error message are contained in the CA Jobtrac Job Management Message Guide under TRAC822I.  If the TRAC845E return code and reason code indicate that the IMOD cannot be found, use the following information to determine and resolve the problem:     


1.  Is the correct GSS subsystem being used?                                                                                           

The GSS address space allocates a sysout file called ISRVLOG. Select this file from SYSVIEW/E or SDSF and search for the keyword SSNAME.  This keyword defines the 4-character subsystem name for this GSS address space that was specified in the RUNPARMS member of the GSS PARMLIB data set.  Make sure this name matches the one defined in the CA Jobtrac Global Options (SYS OPTS ; 1) under ISERVE Subsystem name.  The ISERVE Subsystem name is ISRV by default, but it can be changed.

Example in the CA-Jobtrac Global Options

     ISERVE Subsystem Name      => ISRV   ISERVE STC Procedure Name  => GSSA                     


2.  Is the CA Jobtrac ISET library being processed?                    

While still in the ISRVLOG, search for the keyword ISET.  This keyword defines the IMOD libraries available to GSS at startup.  An ISET name was specified during CA Jobtrac installation.  This is a VSAM file and is loaded in the second STAGE2 job.  It should be defined in the RUNPARMS member of the GSS PARMLIB data set example as follows:


      write DESC /JOBTRAC Release 11.0 PROD / SSID ISRV                                                    


3.  Was the IMOD loaded when GSS started?                                               

Examine the file ISRVLOG written by GSS.  Search for the IMOD named in the TRAC845E message.  You should find an SRV168 message indicating the IMOD was loaded.  If you do not find this message, you should access the ISERVE editor (the CA Jobtrac ISERVE command, or TSO SRVEDIT), and verify the status of the $JOBT IMODS.  The first two characters under the STATUS column should be C(ompiled) & P(roduction).  If this is not the case, use the 'G' line command to compile and load the IMOD.                                                    


4.  Does one of the GSS started tasks you are running execute the GSSMAIN program?

One of the CA-GSS stc on the lpar must be executing GSSMAIN.

Other GSS stc task may run executing SRVSYS.      


Release: JOBT..00200-11-Jobtrac-Job Management