Some interfaces are not being discovered in Smarts
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Some interfaces are not being discovered in Smarts


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Some interfaces are not being discovered in Smarts
Comparing the walk of the device and the representation of the device in Smarts, we notice that there are a lot of interfaces missing in Smarts.

The interfaces that are not being created are of type 81, 22, 77.


VMware Smart Assurance - SMARTS


In the DEBUG discovery logs, at the start of the section where the interfaces are discovered, we see the following lines.. 

discovery/ic-mib2-data.asl: IFTypePattern-. = ~1~23~22~104~152~153~81~77~63
discovery/ic-mib2-data.asl: IFDescrPattern-. = ~*
discovery/ic-mib2-data.asl: IFIndexPattern-. = ~*

These are patterns which disallow creation of Interfaces specified in the pattern for the devices with given oids. The possible patterns are IFTypePattern, IFDescrPattern and IFIndexPattern. If any one of the patterns matches then the interface will be created. So, ~23 for example means that interfaces of type 23 will not be created.


If you add a line to <IP>/smarts/local/conf/discovery/tpmgr-param.conf as follows...

IFTypePattern-.  ~1~23~104~152~153~63

Then only interfaces with type 1, 23 104, 152, 153 and 63 will not be created. The Interfaces of type 81, 22 and 77 will be created.