Smarts SAM: Notifications are not coming from OI domain to SAM server
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Smarts SAM: Notifications are not coming from OI domain to SAM server


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Notifications are not coming from Smarts Open Integration (Smarts OI) domain to Smarts Service Assurance Manager (Smarts SAM)
Smarts OI domain has been successfully added to Smarts SAM through the Smarts Global Manager Admistration Console, but Event Notifications are not being received in Smarts SAM

Receiving Event Notifications in Smarts OI Topology but not in Smarts SAM


VMware Smart Assurance - SMARTS


The above issue can occur if the Smarts OI domain was started in a version earlier than Smarts SAM 8.x, and do is using the wrong DXA configuration file. By, default Smarts SAM 8.x and Smarts SAM 9.x uses dxa-oi.conf file. Versions earlier than Smarts SAM 8.x must use a different DXA configuration file, dxa-oi-pre8.conf.


If you encounter this issue, do the following:
  1. Configure the Smarts OI domain settings in the dxa-oi-pre8.conf file
  2. Change the Domain Type in Global Manager Administration Console to use for OI earlier than 8.x:  dxa-oi-pre8.conf.
  3. Disable the OI domain and run a reconfigure operation. 
  4. Enable the OI domain again run a reconfigure operation again.

You should now see the OI notifications coming in to SAM Console.   

Additional Information

This only applies to an OI domain that was started in Smarts 7.x or earlier.