How to Delete an SDDC in Cloud Services Platform (CSP)
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How to Delete an SDDC in Cloud Services Platform (CSP)


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VMware Cloud on AWS


Deleting an SDDC terminates all running workloads and destroys all SDDC data and configuration settings including public IP addresses. 

Note: Deletion of an SDDC cannot be undone.


1. Log in to the VMC Console at  
2. On the card for the SDDC you want to remove, click Actions > Delete SDDC

Before you delete an SDDC, confirm that you understand the consequences of deleting an SDDC.
Select all of the below:
  • All workloads in this SDDC will be terminated.
  • You will lose all data and configuration settings in this SDDC.
  • You will lose all UI and API access to this SDDC.
  • All public IP addresses for this SDDC will be released.
  • All direct connect virtual interfaces will be deleted.
OR click Cancel to bypass the above disclaimers without affecting the SDDC. Then click Delete SDDC.