Voyence Report Advisor 2.1: What issues are addressed in Hotfix 2
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Voyence Report Advisor 2.1: What issues are addressed in Hotfix 2


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Where can I obtain the latest patch for Voyence Report Advisor 2.1?

The following symptoms are fixed issues in Report Advisor 2.1.0 Hotfix 2. Note: The numbers displayed within parenthesis are used for internal quality tracking purposes. (20919) Device Compliance Report - Linking Results in a Blank Audit Trail Report Previously, when a Device Compliance Report was run using data more than 30 days old, a link would result in the Audit Trail Report not displaying any data. This has been fixed. (20955) Compliance Summary Report - Color Coding Previously, if the data for the Compliance Summary Report did not include all compliance states, the color coding for the compliance state table and the compliance state charts did not match. This has been fixed. (21306) All Compliance Reports - Missing Information (blank page included) Previously, when the names of policies, standards, or tests (prefixed with their paths) exceeded the character limitation of the columns in the database tables, this resulted in trail information missing from all Compliance reports. This has been fixed. (21354) CSV Output not Formatting Correctly Previously, a space existed after the delimiter (comma) in the CSV generated output, causing incorrect formatting. This was causing the spaces and quotes to be interpreted as part of the value for the field. This has been fixed. (21453) Compliance Audit Report - Columns Missing Previously, the IP Address and Device Model columns were missing from the Compliance Audit Report. This has been fixed. (21480) Changed Report Title not Taking Affect after Saving Previously, when changing a Report Title for a scheduled Recurring report, after saving the report and reopening the Report Settings, the title change did not take affect. This has been fixed. (21532) Generic Naming Convention for Scheduled Reports Previously, the Report Title names were too generic (as shown in the Scheduled Reports page). In the Report Settings work page there were two "Report Title" fields. This issue has been fixed, and there is now only one Report Title field on this work page. The Report Title field is now used as the Tab name, the Title of the generated report, the name of the saved report, and as the name of the email file attachment. Also, a new Job Name field has been added to the Schedule Settings section. This field is a required field. It contains a "copy report title" link. Clicking this link allows you to copy/overwrite the contents of the Job Name field with the contents of the Report Title field. It is this Job Name that displays in the Job Name column on the Scheduled Report page. The email Subject field also has a "copy report title" link. This email Subject field is not a "required" field, and if left blank, the email Subject field then defaults to the Report Title. Child jobs, created when a Scheduled report is run, are "named" after the parent job, and have the parent job ID number appended to it. (21533) Compliance Status Report - Missing Information Previously, the Compliance Status Report was missing both Devices and Policies that were selected when generating the report. This has been fixed. (21597) Schedule Changes on Recurring Job Throws an Exception Previously, the Schedule Type field remained enabled when the Schedule Settings work page was opened in the edit mode. This has been fixed. Note: Once a job is created, the schedule type can never be changed. (21604) Subject Line in emailed Report Defaulting to Report Title Previously, the Subject line in an emailed report defaulted to the generic report name. This has been fixed. The default is now the Report Title value. (21634) Report Title and Description - Limited to 30 Characters Previously, the Report Title and the Description fields in the Report Settings were each limited to 30 characters. The Title fields have been fixed for all reports. Now, the maximum length for each of these fields is 200 characters. Note: If the Report Title is more than 30 characters long, the title on the report generated is truncated, allowing the entire title to be displayed. (21663) Report Advisor and Tomcat Logs Filling Up the Filesystem

Previously, the logs in Report Advisor and Tomcat grew to an unmanageable size, and were filling up the filesystem. This has been fixed.


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The Voyence Report Advisor 2.1 Hotfix 2 is available for download from Powerlink .

Registered EMC Powerlink customers can download software from Powerlink.

From the Powerlink home page menu bar, select :
Support > Software Downloads and Licensing > Downloads T-Z > VoyenceControl .

Because the view is restricted based on customer agreements, you may not have permission to view certain downloads. Should you not see a software download you believe you should have access to, follow the instructions in EMC Knowledgebase solution Link Error: .