The functionality of the Caps lock key is sometimes reversed
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The functionality of the Caps lock key is sometimes reversed


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VMware Desktop Hypervisor


  • The functionality of the Caps Lock key is reversed
  • When the Caps lock light is off, all letters are typed in uppercase


VMware Fusion Pro 10.x
VMware Fusion 2.x
VMware Fusion 7.x
VMware Fusion 1.x
VMware Fusion 11.x
VMware Fusion 5.x
VMware Fusion Pro 11.x
VMware Fusion 6.x
VMware Fusion Pro 8.x
VMware Fusion 10.x
VMware Fusion 3.x
VMware Fusion 4.x
VMware Fusion 8.x


The Caps Lock key can sometimes become reversed in the virtual machine when Fusion is running.
To resolve this issue, select Virtual Machine > Send Key > Caps Lock from the VMware Fusion menu bar. This sends an additional Caps Lock command to the virtual machine, without sending it to the Mac, putting the two back in sync.

Additional Information

This issue occurs because the Caps Lock key is not recorded in the software (and thus cannot be read by other programs). It is a hardware-only toggle. Fusion is not the only application to have this issue. Other programs that involve keyboard access can also trigger this Caps Lock reversal. Caps Lock キーの機能が逆になることがある