NSX for vSphere, SNMP Events FAQs
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NSX for vSphere, SNMP Events FAQs


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VMware NSX Networking


This KB article provides some FAQ's around SNMP events on NSX for vSphere.


  • What is SNMP events on NSX for vSphere ?
System events are records of system actions. Each event has a severity level, such as informational or critical, to indicate how serious the event is.
These system events are also pushed as SNMP traps so that any SNMP management software can monitor NSX system events..
  • Where to get MIB's and OID's for NSX for vSphere ?
SNMP MIB for NSX for vSphere is available for download as an attachment in KB article "SNMP MIB module file download".

NSX for vSphere OID's is available as a attachment in KB article "Determining the MIB module listing, name, and type of an SNMP OID".
  • What traps are enabled ?
By default only High and Critical Severity SNMP traps are enabled to send traps on NSX for vSphere.
  • Where to find NSX for vSPhere system event codes ?
NSX Logging and System Events

NSX Edge System Events
  • When the value appears as "--" for Module, SNMP OID, or SNMP trap enabled columns, what does it mean ?
When the value is "--", it means that those events have not been allocated a trap OID. Therefore, a trap for these events is not going to be sent out.
  • How to edit a trap ?
Below link has description on system traps and its columns and how to edit them.

Additional Information

Working with SNMP Traps