Log files are no longer logging messages in vCloud Director Appliance
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Log files are no longer logging messages in vCloud Director Appliance


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VMware Cloud Director


Log files are no longer logging messages in vCloud Director Appliance.


This issue occurs because the vCloud Director Appliance has ran out of disk space.


To resolve this issue, Increase the size of the root (/) filesystem.

  • These instructions use the "parted" utility as part of the process for increasing the root filesystem size. This only works when the partition where the root filesystem resides is the last partition on the disk.
  • Execute these instructions starting with standby appliance(s) and finish with the primary appliance.
  1. Using the vSphere User Interface, increase the physical size of the disk used by the root filesystem: 
    In the following example the original size of hard disk 1 was 30GB. We are increasing it to 60GB.

    a. Select the VM of the appliance you want to increase the storage.
    b. Select Actions > Edit settings.
    c. Hard disk 1 is where the root filesystem resides. Increase the size to the desired amount.
    d. click OK.

  2. If parted is not installed on the appliance, install it using the tdnf command. Open an SSH session on the appliance logging in as root user.

  3. Before continuing, the operating system needs to recognize the change in physical disk size. Execute the following command in the ssh session:
    echo 1 > /sys/class/block/sda/device/rescan
  4. Extend the disk partition that is used by the root filesystem using the parted command. The root hard disk is /dev/sda.

    a. Use the print command from within parted to display partition information about the hard disk.
    b. A warning will be displayed that not all of the available space is being used. Type Fix to claim the newly requested space.
    c. After the print command completes, note that the hard disk /dev/sda is now increased (in this case 64.4GB).
    d. Use the resizepart command from within parted to expand the partition that is being used by the root filesystem.

  5. Expand the filesystem to the increased size of the partition using resize2fs and verify that the filesystem has increased using df.