[VMware Cloud on AWS] users are unable to open virtual machine web console on SDDC Version 1.7
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[VMware Cloud on AWS] users are unable to open virtual machine web console on SDDC Version 1.7


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VMware Cloud on AWS


Active Directory (LDAP) users attempting to access the VM console (via web console) in the vSphere client will get an "HTTP Status 500 - Internal Server Error" and will not be able to access or open the web console of the selected VM,

below is the user impact : 
  • Users using Active Directory (LDAP) to log in to the vSphere client to access the VM built-in web console.
  • Cloud Admins with vCenter SSO logins as well as cloudadmin.local are not impacted.

Cause : This is a known issue and the issue is majorly observed in SDDC version 1.7 


The issue has been fixed in a new SDDC Version that will be released to all VMware Cloud on AWS customers. 

We can apply following workarounds for this issue till it is permanently fixed : 

  • Log in as AD user and launch the VMware Remote Console (VMRC) by going to the Summary page of the VM and clicking “Launch Remote Console”, or using the Actions menu to select “Launch Remote Console” or Launch Console icon near the power buttons at the top near the VM’s name (select Launch Remote Console in the dialog).  (You will first need to install the VMware Remote Console application if it is not already installed on the client machine, which is part of the dialog from the Launch Console icon.  The VMRC installer is also publicly available at http://www.vmware.com/go/download-vmrc.)  You will get a prompt to log in as part of launching VMRC.  Note: Fusion and Workstation, if installed, will also launch the VM console in response to “Launch Remote Console.”
  • Log in as a non-AD user (Cloudadmin) to access both the web console and the Remote Console.
  • If the VM has network access, SSH on Linux or RDP on Windows machines.