Installing and upgrading vCenter Converter in VMware Workstation 8.x and later
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Installing and upgrading vCenter Converter in VMware Workstation 8.x and later


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VMware Workstation 8.x and later rely upon vCenter Converter Standalone to virtualize a physical machine. Although, Converter is bundled with Workstation, the two products are installed independently from one another. As a result, Converter can be upgraded to a new version (if available) without upgrading Workstation.


VMware Workstation Pro 14.x (for Windows)
VMware Workstation 8.x (Windows)
VMware Workstation 10.x (Windows)
VMware Workstation 9.x (Windows)
VMware Workstation 11.x (for Windows)
VMware Workstation Pro 15.x (Windows)


Although Workstation includes vCenter Converter Standalone, it is not installed by default. To install Converter:

  1. Go to File > Virtualize a Physical Machine.
  2. On the pop up message, download VMware vCenter converter stand alone from Download VMware vCenter Converter.
  3. Click Yes on the User Account Control pop up (if UAC is turned on).

  4. Select your desired language and click OK. Converter begins to install.
Note: Reboot is not required after installation completes successfully. To begin the Conversion wizard, navigate to File > Virtualize a Physical Machine.

To upgrade vCenter Converter Standalone, download the latest version from theVMware Download Center. Install it as a standalone program, to the default location. This allows VMware Workstation to use the updated version.

Additional Information

在 VMware Workstation 8.x 和 9.x 中安装和升级 vCenter Converter
VMware Workstation 8.x および 9.x で vCenter Converter のインストールおよびアップグレードを行う
Instalação e atualização do vCenter Converter no VMware Workstation 8.x e 9.x