NFS datastores inactive in VMware vSphere Storage Appliance 5.1.x
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NFS datastores inactive in VMware vSphere Storage Appliance 5.1.x


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In VMware vSphere Storage Appliance 5.1.x, you experience these symptoms:
  • In a VSA Cluster, you see one of the VSADs-0, VSADs-1 or VSADs-2 NFS datastores as inactive (i.e. greyed out and italicized when viewed in Configuration > Storage from the vSphere client).
  • When you SSH into the ESXi hosts, you see this sort of output in response to the esxcfg-nas -l command:

    VSADs-0 is /exports/79fac60e-0599-41ad-b03d-550920acb2da from mounted available
    VSADs-1 is /exports/a91a2e9f-c5d4-4dae-b3e0-5b09fd764eae from mounted unavailable
    VSADs-2 is /exports/0da177f2-9070-4697-8bd8-d197f00bb19f from mounted available

  • When you ping the IP address of the NFS datastore that is inactive (in this example, the IP address is, you receive no response.
  • When you log into the VSA Appliance that is exporting the problematic NFS datastore (in this example, the NFS datastore is VSA-1) and review the sva.log files in /var/log, you see a message similar to this:

    XXXX-XX-XX 19:51:05.387 INFO - com.vmware.sva.memberdomain.MemberVolumeBlc.handleSetDiskOfflineRequest params: [c6e7b725-a2c9-4c88-af34-f5abc63f6e05] - handleSetDiskOfflineRequest 83327a89-dc69-4c62-a4de-84ae69b99d0d disk state: FAULTED


This issue occurs due to an underlying hardware fault in one of the disks associated with the ESXi host where the VSA Appliance vmdk files are located.
This issue may also occur due to an illogical RAID fault within the VSA Replication logic.


To resolve this issue, you must reset the VSA Appliance from the vSphere client. To do this, right-click Appliance, Power and click Reset.
After the Appliance reboots, the expected behavior is that after a short period (usually less than 5 minutes), the datastore will be exported again, and can be once more browsed by the hosts.

You may also see a VSA Data Synchronization task begin in the Recent Tasks area of vCenter, and the datastore to be in a Degraded state until the sync completes.

If the results are not as expected, file a support request with VMware Technical Support and note this KB article ID in the problem description. For more information, see Filing a Support Request in Customer Connect (2006985) or How to Submit a Support Request.

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