Enabling the VSA Manager plugin fails with the error: The request failed because of a connection failure
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Enabling the VSA Manager plugin fails with the error: The request failed because of a connection failure


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  • The VMware Virtual Storage Appliance (VSA) Manager tab does not appear in vSphere Client.
  • When attempting to enable the VSA Manager plugin in the vCenter Plug-in Manager, you see the error:

    The following error occurred while downloading the script plugin from https://vCenterServerIPAddress:8080/VSAManager/scriptConfig>:
    The request failed because of a connection failure. (Unable to connect to the remote server)

  • Restarting VMware VirtualCenter Management Webservices service has no effect.


To resolve this issue the following checks should be performed first:

  • If you experienced this issue after adding more IPs or enabling more network interfaces in vCenter server try the following to change the order of IPs in Windows 2008:

    • Go to Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network Connections
    • Press Alt key which will result in an additional menu appearing
    • Click Advanced > Advanced settings
    • On the "Adapter and Bindings" tab, change the order of interfaces so the network card situated on the same network as the ESXi hosts appears on the top.
    • Save changes.
    • Restart vCenter Server.

  • If this doesn't help, then disable the network interfaces that are not on the same network than the ESXi hosts and reboot vCenter Server.
  • If the issue happened straight after an installation, proceed with the instructions below.

Caution: The following steps are intended to resolve an installation issue. If you have a VSA Cluster (two or three nodes) successfully deployed and you experience this issue, do not reinstall VSA Manager, as that could exacerbate the issue.

VSA Manager 1.0 does not get properly installed on a vCenter Server that has 2 or more NICs configured during the VSA Manager installation. This limitation is documented in the VMware vSphere Storage Appliance 1.0 Release Notes.

If your vCenter Server system had more than 1 NIC or IP addresses configured during VSA Manager installation, you cannot enable the VSA Manager plug-in in the vSphere Client.

To work around this issue and enable the VSA Manager plug-in:
  1. Uninstall VSA Manager from the vCenter server. This can be accomplished by going to Windows Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel and removing the VSA Manager program.
  2. Disable the NICs that you do not plan to use for VSA Manager so that only 1 NIC remains enabled. The only IP used by vCenter Server during the VSA Manager installation must be in the same network than the ESXi hosts that will form the VSA Cluster, and must also have the same gateway. You can verify that only one IP is in use running the command ipconfig on the MS-DOS console in the vCenter Server.
  3. Reinstall VSA Manager. The plug-in can now be enabled in vCenter Server.
  4. Deploy the VSA Cluster. After the VSA Cluster is deployed, if necessary, you can add more NICs/IPs in vCenter Server.

Note: The VSA installation wizard checks that the Gateway IP of vCenter Server is the same than the future VSA Cluster hosts. If vCenter Server has multiple gateways, it may fail the wizard check.

If this issue persists, file a support request with VMware Support. For more information, see:

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