CA Spectrum and Google Maps integration (GIS view)
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CA Spectrum and Google Maps integration (GIS view)


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CA Spectrum


CA Spectrum and Google Maps integration (GIS view)  You can access the integration by navigating to the Administration page for OneClick (ie.  http://oneclickhost).  In the main view is a link for the "GIS View" (Geographical Information System).  Here's an example:




Component: SPCAPP


The GIS View utilizes Google Geocoding. Google Geocoding will interpret the information contained within CA Spectrum's device Location attribute (0x23000d) which reads the devices syslocation. For more information on what values the Google Geocoding accepts, please refer to the following link:  Most standard addresses, cities, zip codes, etc are supported values.


By default, the GIS view is configured to show models that are contained within a global collection that you specify.  You can change the view to show models from specific IPAddresses.   Both of these configurations/parameters are in the $SPECROOT\tomcat\webapps\spectrum\console\gisGC.config file:



To use the Global Collection, leave the UseGisGCconfig to yes, and specify the name of one global collection in the GCName entry.  You can only specify one global collection, you cannot enter more than one.

To use IPAddresses, change the UseGisGCconfig view to no.  You do not need to cycle anything.  This file is read in each time you launch the GIS View.

To configure the location of models by IP, you need to add the IPAddress of the model you wish to show into the $Spectrum\tomcat\webapps\spectrum\console\gisIPAddressList.config file

This file takes one IPAddress per line.  Be sure there are no spaces before or after the IPAddress entry.

There is a 1000 model limit.  If you would like to utilize a Google license with the GIS view, you need to update the  $SPECROOT\tomcat\webapps\spectrum\console\googleAPIKEY.config file. Change the UseLicense to Yes and remove the key that's there, and enter your key into this line:



You do NOT need to cycle tomcat to update the map.  If you change the file while in context of the map, you may need to click another link (IE. Administration) then click back to the GIS View for the changes/updates to take show in the GIS view.


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