How to continue processing jobs with CA Deliver while the CA View database is unavailable?
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How to continue processing jobs with CA Deliver while the CA View database is unavailable?


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When you want CA Deliver to continue to process jobs while the CA View database is unavailable, you can dynamically change the ARCH parameter in the RMOPARMS member to use a different ARCHn statement as the default using an operator command.

For this process to work, the ARCH field on the all the Report Definitions that archive “Direct to View” must be blank.  This means the Report Definition will use the default ARCH value found in the RMOPARMS member when selecting the archive statement for the report. 

  ARCH1=DIRECT/VIEW/SYSTEM1 where VIEW.SYSTEM1 is the database name



1.  Set the SETCMD parameter in the RMOPARMS member to YES.  This parameter must be changed to YES prior to the CA Deliver started task being started. Once this parameter is set to YES, you can issue SET commands to change the following parameters without stopping the CA Deliver started task.  

2.  Create an ARCHn statements that will send the output to a Jes class specified by the CA View initialization parameter, CLSL. 

In the RMOPARM dataset ARCH1 is the default for archival of all reports with a blank in the ARCH field on the Report Definition panel.  We assume CA View is picking up class B.




The SETCMD parameter allows dynamic changing of the ARCH= variable. Parameter must be set to 'YES' and the CA Deliver task recycled prior to issuing 'SET' commands.
           The format of the SET command is       F RMOSTC,SET ARCH=2
When we change the ARCH parameter in the RMOPARMS with a SET command, we can cause all the reports to use the new ARCH2 Statement that will send the report to Jes in class 'B' while CA View is unavailable. 


When we are finished upgrading the CA View database, issue the SET command  again to change ARCH=2 to ARCH=1.  Now, new reports will again be written directly to the CA View database.  When SARSTC is started, it will pick up the reports waiting in Jes class 'B'.     



         In CA View:

           1.     Assume the started task picks up class B:    CLSL=B  

         In CA Deliver:

           1.     Set SETCMD=YES
           2.     Create the following ARCH2 statement:     ARCH2=B///D                                                 
When the CA View database becomes available, the ARCH parameter can be changed back to  its original value with another SET command.             



Release: OUTDTI00200-12.1-Deliver-Output Management-Interface for Native TSO