Enterprise Cobol 5.1
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Enterprise Cobol 5.1


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CA Optimizer/II does not support Enterprise COBOL 5.1 at compile time. At this point there are no plans to support it.

IBM made too many changes from the prior releases of the COBOL compiler and it will not be possible to provide compile time support. 

There are several alternatives depending on the customers needs: 

Existing CA Optimizer/II customers (with programs compiled with Opt/II) can consider migrating to the CA Optimizer/II RTL (run time only) version of the product. This will provide all the functionality of CA SymDump Batch, will provide run time support for CA-Optimizer/II compiled programs and is less expensive than the full CA-Optimizer/II product. The CAOUMRS utility program can be run against the user load libraries for identify CA-Optimizer/II and CA-Optimizer programs. 

New customers (those without CA-Optimizer/II compiled programs) should use CA SymDump Batch. It provides abend reporting with source level support for all currently supported version of Assembler, PL/I and COBOL programs. 

Note: CA SymDump Batch provides runtime support for CA-Optimized (OS/VS COBOL) programs, it does not provide runtime support for programs optimized with CA-Optimizer/II.


Release: OPTIM200200-8.5-Optimizer/II