FAQ: End of Support for Photon OS on vCenter Server
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FAQ: End of Support for Photon OS on vCenter Server


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VMware vCenter Server


Photon OS 3.0 has reached end of support on 01 March 2024.


VMware vCenter Server 8.0


1. How will actual and future CVEs be handled for the 3.x Photon OS version?

VMware will provide fixes for CVE's based on upstream package availability for Photon OS 3.x.

2. Will VMware release a new update of vCenter 7.0 that includes updating Photon OS to version 4 or 5?

VMware will not release a newer Photon OS version on older releases of vCenter including 7.0 & 8.0.

3. Would VMware recommend customers to update the Photon OS on the VCSA server to version 4 or above by themselves? Is this supported?

This is not supported, neither tested. Under no circumstance, should Photon OS be updated without VMware guidance.

4. Has the end of support for PhotonOS3 already been reached?

Mar 2024 is when PhotonOS 3.0 will reach EOS

5. Why is the os not updated in the upcoming releases? (like VMware vSphere 7.0U3q)

OS upgrade takes a lot of efforts because there is a kernel changes along with other major packages which leads to major changes in multiple functionality that runs in vCenter, it has to go through extensive testing cycles before we could release a vCenter Update or major releases, this is not possible in patch releases as the patch has to go out quickly and there isn't enough time to do regress testing.

6. Does this end apply to the current vCenter 7U3, for example? If so, does this have an impact on support?

vCenter 7 will be supported until its EOGS which is till 2027

7. Do we need to have the end of PhotonOS support on our radar, even if vSphere 7, for example, is supported until 2025 (end of general support)?

Customers do not need to worry about PhotoOS support, they just need to worry about vCenter or vSphere support. It's our (VMware's) responsibility to take care of the Photon OS.