VXLAN traffic may be discarded by vnic if using non-default port
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VXLAN traffic may be discarded by vnic if using non-default port


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This article to intended to help diagnose VXLAN-related issues and provide one possible reason for the drop of VXLAN traffic on VNIC in non-NSX environment.



  • VXLAN traffic (usually generated by container deployed on virtual machines) is dropped by the VNIC
  • network traffic captured on network card within the guest os shows there're tcp and icmp traffic (though there's no response to tcp traffic so it's retransmitted a few times): 

  • Network traffic captured on switch port VnicTx shows that only ICMP traffic is transmitted but not TCP traffic: 

  • This is noticed from the captured packet that VXLAN traffic is sent via port 4789
  • The environment is using a VDS/VSS without NSX-T installed


Script Settings



The default ports for VXLAN traffic on ESXi: 

  • 4789 in NSX-T environment 
  • 8472 in non-NSX-T environment

    Logic on VNIC will check the port of VXLAN traffic. If the traffic is sent via non-default port, VNIC will drop it.


This issue is resolved in ESXi7.0P08 (in which version both ports are added as default port for VXLAN traffic).

1 If possible, ask customer to use the default port for VXLAN traffic. 
2 Disable checksum offload within guest OS but this would bring negative impact to performance at the same time.

Additional Information

VXLAN traffic will be dropped by VNIC