vCenter HA failover does not start services set to manual
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vCenter HA failover does not start services set to manual


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VMware vCenter Server


  • When a vCenter vCenter HA fail-over occurs services set to Manual do not restart automatically.
  • The services can be started manually without error.


VMware vCenter Server Appliance 6.5.x


This is by design as vMon will honor the start-up type of the service when orchestrating the service start-up during a vCenter HA fail-over.
The startup type for services is replicated between vCenter HA Nodes. The running state of a service is not taken into account when a fail-over occurs. Services with the startup type Manual will not automatically start on the node after a fail-over completes.
For example, if the vmware-updatemgr is set to Manual (Automatic by default) it will also be set to Manual on the Passive node and therefore will not start automatically after a fail-over event.


To ensure all running services are started during a vCenter HA fail-over, set the start-up type of the services to Automatic.
For more information on controlling the start-up type of vCenter Server services refer to Edit the Startup Settings of a Service section of the Using the vSphere Web Client to Configure the vCenter Server Appliance guide.
  • VMware does not recommend modifying the start-up type of any services that by default are set to Automatic as these will be required for normal vCenter Server operations.
  • Some services default to Manual and include:
    • VMware vSphere Authentication Proxy
    • VMware vSphere ESXi Dump Collector
    • Auto Deploy and ImageBuilder
These services should have their start-up type modified to Automatic if they are in use in the environment.