VMware Discontinuation of latest macOS as a GOS on Fusion
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VMware Discontinuation of latest macOS as a GOS on Fusion


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VMware Desktop Hypervisor


On June 22, 2020 Apple has announced that they will transition away from x86 to Apple silicon: https://www.apple.com/newsroom/2020/06/apple-announces-mac-transition-to-apple-silicon/

VMware does not plan to support latest macOS versions as a GOS on Fusion going forward.


Guest operating system support for latest macOS versions on Fusion will be discontinued in our new major release Fusion 13.0 and deprecated support level (as defined in KB 2015161 https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/2015161), will be provided to legacy macOS versions as certified in the VCG. Please refer to the VCG for details regarding certified versions of macOS as a GOS on Fusion.

VMware will attempt to test and certify new macOS releases as a GOS on Fusion and add these to the VCG. However, due to the risk of unknown incompatibilities introduced in new macOS operating system releases, VMware cannot commit to supporting any future macOS operating systems releases as a GOS on Fusion.

Future macOS as a GOS Support:
Moving forward, VMware plans to discontinue adding support for the latest macOS versions as a GOS on all Fusion versions but continue to support the committed earlier legacy macOS version as mentioned in the VCG, and hence strongly recommend that customers and partners to plan accordingly.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
Will VMRC continue to support the macOS operating system? Yes

Will VMware Fusion continue to support Apple x86-based Mac platforms? Yes

Will VMware Fusion support the new Apple platforms with Apple Silicon processors? Yes

Note: There are no changes in support of Apple macOS as host operating system in Fusion

Please also refer to KB 88698 https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/88698: : Discontinuation of support for Apple Mac platform on vSphere ESXi