Resolving a 1481 error code
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Resolving a 1481 error code


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The 1481 error indicates that a node name has been specified on the bind run-unit statement, and the node name does not match any valid node defined within the CV where the run-unit originated. The first thing to verify when this error occurs is whether the job intended to sign on to a different node or not.  If not, then you should leave the Node name blank on the sign on, and verify the signin syntax.  If you are trying to point to a node in a different CV, then you should check the node definitions in your sysgen / system definition. The definition should look something like this:


      CVNUMBER 40 SVC 219 BLOCKSIZE 8192

In this definition, the node name MUST be a one- to eight-character name of a system that matches a name as defined to the DC/DDS communication network. This name must also match the value specified as the SYSTEMID in the sysgen definition of the target CV. This node must also be included ina DBName resource that is specified in the RESOURCE TABLE sysgen parameter. The RESOURCE TABLE statement defines the nodes on which resources in your DC/UCF communications network are located. The SVC parm indicates the SVC number of the target CV, which will receive packets of data sent by this CV; the BLOCKSIZE parm indicates the size of the data packet used to pass data between these nodes.

It is also possible with some tools, such as DMLO, to specify a default node. If this is specified, it will be used during signon even if a node is not intended to be used. If the specified default node is not defined properly that can also cause the 1481. 


Release: IDADSO00100-18.5-ADS-for CA-IDMS