Kubelet Fails to Run in Worker Node After Recreate
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Kubelet Fails to Run in Worker Node After Recreate


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VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition


In the kubelet.stderr.log, you may see errors similar to this:


E0621 12:19:58.661035 10468 nodelease.go:49] failed to get node "8c472468-d04e-4b27-a70b-e73adfd93fdf" when trying to set owner ref to the node lease: nodes "8c472468-d04e-4b27-a70b-e73adfd93fdf" not found 
W0621 12:19:58.688856 10468 setters.go:198] replacing cloudprovider-reported hostname of 8c472468-d04e-4b27-a70b-e73adfd93fdf with overridden hostname of
E0621 12:19:58.723721 10468 kubelet.go:2268] node "8c472468-d04e-4b27-a70b-e73adfd93fdf" not found F0621 12:19:58.726117 10468 kubelet.go:1372] Failed to start ContainerManager failed to build map of initial containers from runtime: no PodsandBox found with Id '04b3c9e7b78cf7c50e24154e85a83b04c6716a845027c1549e52bbfe54492c51' 


This is due to issues with the docker cache.


Product Version: 1.11


To resolve, backup and remove /var/vcap/store/docker directory, then restart docker process. The kubelet should come up after that.