Implementing NX environment variable options in an Advanced Availability (AA) environment.
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Implementing NX environment variable options in an Advanced Availability (AA) environment.


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The web interface of CA Service Desk Manager includes Options Manager for administrators, enabling options to be installed or de-installed, and enabling values for installed options to be set or changed. 

However, some options are not included in Options Manager; those options are sometimes referred to as NX environment variable options.

To install, de-install, or change the value of an NX environment variable option, you must use the pdm_options_mgr command with some very specific parameters. 

The command may update these files: NX.env, NX.env_nt.tpl, and client_nx.env. 

(Manually editing those files, instead of running the command, is NOT recommended.)

If the correct parameters are not used, then status and value of the option may be inconsistent across the AA servers, even after a restart.


Release: 14.1 or higher
Component:  CA Service Desk Manager


The "-c" parameter was not specified when the "pdm_options_mgr" was run.


Use the "-c" parameter with the "pdm_options_mgr" command to install, de-install or change the value of an NX environment variable option.


EXPANDER_FORMAT is not an option that can be configured through the Options Manager.  

In order to configure EXPANDER_FORMAT, run the following two commands on the Background server:

pdm_options_mgr -c -s EXPANDER_FORMAT -v yyyy/mm/dd -a pdm_option.inst

pdm_options_mgr -c -s EXPANDER_FORMAT -v yyyy/mm/dd -a pdm_option.inst -t

After the above commands have been run, both the NX.env and the NX.env_nt.tpl files on the server would include the corresponding NX_EXPANDER_FORMAT environment variable and its value. 

The next step would be to recycle the AA servers in the required order.  See the Additional Information section below for a link to the page containing "Restart the CA SDM Servers in Advanced Availability Configuration".

Additional Information

Additional Information

The "-c" parameter of the "pdm_options_mgr" command is related to Version Control.

Run "pdm_options_mgr -h" at a command prompt to view the description of the available parameters.

The description of the "-c" parameter is:

 [ -c ]     This indicates that this NX.env variable will be echoed out to the Client.  A list of these variables is in the server site/client_nx.env file after installation.

Note that the "client_nx.env" resides in the $NX_ROOT\site directory and it is a Version Control component.

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