Export to Excel only exports the first 300 rows in Clarity
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Export to Excel only exports the first 300 rows in Clarity


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Clarity PPM On Premise


  • When using the feature "Export to Excel" in Clarity PPM to export project or other data, only the first 300 rows are returned in the exported file
  • Is the Excel Icon on the page able to be modified to allow for more than just 300 rows to be exported?
  • This is seen from NSQL based portlets or other types of portlets / lists with this data
  • Same issue is seen when trying to export slides / PowerPoint


Release: All Supported Releases
Component: Clarity PPM Studio


  • This limit can't be changed or disabled.
  • The intention of the option for 'Export to Excel' or 'Export to PowerPoint' is to provide a nicely formatted output.
  •  Therefore, a restriction on the number of rows to be exported into this format is implemented.


1. Use "Export to Excel (Data Only)" instead, as it does not have a 300 row limit.  

  • This option allows the user to export the numerical data into a spreadsheet and then it can be formatted to export 25,000 records.
  • See KB000029771 for more details on this option.

2. The other option would be to export 299 records at a time using Export to Excel. 

Additional Information

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