DC245005 when trying to check out a map in MAPC
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DC245005 when trying to check out a map in MAPC


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First, if there were problems with a dialog & map queue record, there may be something wrong with the queues.  To delete the queue record for a specific entity, you can use the command:

 DCMT V QUEUE '$MPCxxxxxxxxnnnn' DEL

The name of the queue will vary according to the compiler holding the queue record and the entity name. The example above is for a map. All mapping queue records will start with $MPC; the queues representing dialogs held by ADSC sessions will start with $ADC. The 8 bytes represented by x in the above format represent the entity name (dialog, map, etc) for which the queue was created; and nnnn will be the version number. These fields (xxxxxxxx & nnnn) will be padded with spaces & zeroes, respectively, so that the queue name is always the same length. For a queue record starting with $ADC,  the version number will be left-padded with spaces instead of zeroes.

You can see all of the existing queue records in your CV by using the QUED command.

However, a DC245005 error indicates that there's a problem with one of the queue records itself, so the above DCMT command may not show the problematic record.

In a case where the queue record (or queue area) has become corrupted to the point where nothing works to recover the dialog or map, then the only approach is to delete the entity in question, and then to create a new copy of it by punching a viable load module from somewhere else, such as a production system.

We had some very old problems which caused DC245005 errors, and wrote PTFs to correct those on much earlier releases. There have been no reported problems like this, caused by a bug, on v18.5.  If these maps or dialogs have not been touched in a very long time, and the queue records might be carry-overs from a previous release, then it's possible you're running into one of those older problems that never got corrected on the earlier release. It won't recur again on 18.5, but if it is one of remnants of an old problem then deleting the entity and starting over with a fresh copy is probably the only viable approach.


Release: IDADSO00100-18.5-ADS-for CA-IDMS