NetMaster can receive SNMP traps
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NetMaster can receive SNMP traps


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NetMaster can be used to receive SNMP Traps. 


Here is how it can be implemented : 


1) $IPSASNT NCL procedure can be used for this purpose and is provided from hlq.CC11EXEC library.


The description of this proc is as follows: 

"This procedures is a sample for receiving SNMP traps and then performing some custom processes with those traps.

This particular example writes the text of the trap to the OCS window in which the procedure is running. 

NOTE: To terminate this procedure once it has been started you must use the FLUSH command or terminate the environment where it is 



2) The procedure can be started from anywhere (i.e : NMREADY) through the following command : 



It is a long running proc and is similar to a Server. 


3) By default, the procedure receives an SNMP trap and performs a simple action. It writes a message in the activity log and in OCS. 

It can be tailored for specific purposes. 


4) For complex action, I suggest raising an Event which can be trapped by an Event Detector accessible from /IPADMIN.E (Custom Type). 

The Event can be coded through the &EVENT NCL statement within the .PROCESS-TRAP subroutine. 


The $IPSASNT has some optional parameters as follows : 

 $IPSASNT <PORT={number|162}> 






Release: SLOPFC00200-12.1-NetMaster-File Transfer Management