When to use the Stop vs OFF command for CA Deliver started task
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When to use the Stop vs OFF command for CA Deliver started task


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What is the  best practice and recommendation in the following situations:     

 1.  If I want to stop Temporary CA-DELIVER without interruption of 
      CA-DELIVER jobs                                                                      

      The command to temporarily stop the CA Deliver task is:

           P RMOSTC     where RMOSTC represents your STC name
      BUT, there are problems to issuing this command. All jobs that run
      in the classes that CA Deliver monitors by the RMOPARMS parameters
      JOBCLSL, SYSCLSL, and/or NETCLSL, NETDEST, and NETFORM will go into
      a wait mode until the task is started again. Each job that was active
      when the command was issued will receive an RMOQPR01 message every
      60 seconds, "NO RESPONSE – VERIFY taskname IS ACTIVE (sid)".
 2.  If I want to stop permanently the STC CA-DELIVER started Task.       

      There are 2 commands to stop CA Deliver permanently:
      a.  If CA Deliver is active on an operating system, issue the
           following command:

           F RMOSTC,OFF      where RMOSTC represents your STC name
      b.  If CA Deliver is not active on an operating system
           (for example, after it has abended), issue the following command:
           S RMOSTC,PARM=OFF     where RMOSTC represents your STC name     
      You can completely withdraw CA Deliver from an operating system at any
      time. When you withdraw CA Deliver, all monitoring of the classes
      specified by the RMOPARMS parameters JOBCLSL, SYSCLSL, and/or NETCLSL, 
      NETDEST, and NETFORM is stopped, any service requests by jobs are
      canceled, and CA Deliver is terminated.

      After you withdraw CA Deliver from a system, the product's distribution
      and tracking facilities continue to be performed on the current DD for
      each job in progress. The DD statements currently being processed will
      not have ending banner pages, history will not be completed for that 
      report, and the checkpoint information may not reflect the true status.
      All subsequent DDs for the current step, and all subsequent steps, are
      no longer under CA Deliver's control. CA Deliver distribution and
      tracking facilities, however, are not performed on new jobs you execute.
For more information on these commands, please refer to the Operator Commands
Chapter in the CA Deliver Reference Guide.     



Release: OUTDTI00200-12.1-Deliver-Output Management-Interface for Native TSO