AICA abend monitoring a program with CA InterTest of CICS.
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AICA abend monitoring a program with CA InterTest of CICS.


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Sometimes when monitoring a program with CA Intertest for CICS the program may receive an AICA abend. The same program can be execute without being monitored and it runs to a successful completion.  The problem can be caused by the additional overhead added by CA Intertest for CICS for every instruction being executed by the program being monitored.


CA InterTest for CICS has an ICT  parameter  that can be used if an AICA abend is encountered during the monitoring of a program.


ICT: Instruction Counter for Preventing AICA Abends

This command instructs CA InterTest for CICS to issue a DFHKC TYPE=WAIT,DCI=CICS macro each time the specified program executes nnnnn instructions. Use this option to prevent incorrect AICA abends in high CPU-utilization programs where overhead was increased by the CA InterTest monitoring activity.


To set the instruction counter to prevent an AICA abend, enter:


 Specifies the number of instructions. Replace nnnnn with a decimal number between 1 and 65,534.


The programmer can add the ICT option to their program by using the CNTL command. For example

At a clear screen in CICS enter the following command and press  the ENTER key




The following message will be displayed


CAIN4580 ICT option(s) processed

CAIN4513 This request has been processed.


Then to verify that the ICT parameter is active for program COBDEMO please enter the following command at a clear screen in CICS and press  the ENTER key




The following report will be generated for COBDEMO showing the ICT value specified  


COBDEMO    For userid .ANY

              Symbolic file is PROTCOM


                Abend Intercept ABI=ON

              UBP   offset=  +00BFE         at=#1

                    from=U012 to=U012

              SLB   terminal is U012 - Source Listing Breakpoints are on.

             Listing view profile: Default.

                    AutoKeep Display is ON

                    Code Coverage is OFF

              * Entry not active

              * End of Report *




Release: OSINBV00200-9.1-InterTest-Batch