CADSTMIG abending with S0C4 in program CADSARPT
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CADSTMIG abending with S0C4 in program CADSARPT


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Dispatch Output Mgmt


While running CA Dispatch maintenance job DSEXTMIG customers can experience an abend S0C4-4 while running program CADSARPT in step MIGRATE4.

Dump analysis actually shows the S0C4-4 is occurring in program ICEXPUB which is part of IBM DFSORT™ product. 

Also, message ICE185A AN S0C4 ABEND WAS ISSUED BY DFSORT™, ANOTHER PROGRAM OR AN EXIT (PHASE S 1)  is found in the DFSORT™ report.

This problem is described in IBM document PI16208: ABEND0C4-4 AT X'6418' INTO ICEXPUB AT PTF LEVEL UK96411 FOR RELEASE V2R1(L00) .

Click here to get to the IBM link. 

Note that this problem is likely to occur on sites with DFSORT™ 2.1 when running any program step that calls SORT using SORTWORK data sets.

Please, contact your IBM representative to get a copy of the corrective.                                                


Release: DISPAX00200-11.7-Dispatch